Friday, April 24, 2009

Bedspring Symphony: A Box Lunch And Meat Whistle

Back in the seventies there were no shortages of live bootleg recordings from the Rolling Stones, but this vinyl gem has always been my favorite. With its suggestive title and the mysteriously blurry high contrast photo of the Stones on the front cover, you just knew you had to give it a listen. The addition of the history of the imaginary record label and recording engineer on the back cover made it an artifact to be shown to all of my friends.

Once you dropped the needle on the lead-in groove, you were treated to more Kornyfone history on the improvements to sound quality followed by a full throttled performance of Gimme Shelter in amazing and perfect stereo. At the time of its release, Bed Spring Symphony was the best live Rolling Stones recording period, either official or unofficial, with the exception of Get Yer Ya-Ya's Out! Over the years there have been many other great Rolling Stones live shows made available by the bootleggers. But Bed Spring Symphony has withstood the test of time and captured the Stones at their peak in 1973.

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